Urban Cooperation Models for enhancing water efficiency and reuse in Central European functional urban areas with an integrated circular economy approach

The CWC project aims to help municipalities to reform outdated urban water infrastructure systems via applying a circular economy approach, which offers many economic and environmental benefits. This will be achieved by the project by promoting a water saving culture, including the use of non-conventional water resources and by taking the lead in adopting urban rainwater harvesting and utilisation as well as greywater recovery measures on city level.
The partners join forces to create a knowledge base for urban circular water management. This will be made available as digital learning resources for all willing to learn more about the topic. The partners will also co-develop with local stakeholders a set of innovative methods and tools (cutting-edge technological and nature-based solutions, smart governance tools exploring novel cooperation and financing schemes) usable all around central Europe.
Period: April 2019 – March 2022

European partners

Fővárosi Csatornázási Művek Zrt. (HU), Poliedra – Centro di servizio e consulenza del Politecnico di Milano su pianificazione ambientale e territoriale (IT), Mariborski vodovod, javno podjetje, d.d. e E-zavod (SI), Miasto Bydgoszcz e Fundacja Instytut na rzecz Ekorozwoju (PL), Javna ustanova RERA SD za koordinacijui razvoj Splitsko dalmatinske županije e Vodovod i kanalizacija d.o.o. Split (HR), Fachvereinig ung Betriebsund Regenwasse rnutzung e.V. (DE).

Project in Torino

The goal of the project is to introduce and promote water efficiency measures and the reuse of unconventional local water resources, such as rainwater and graywater, for public and domestic purposes in, and around, public and residential buildings in order to reduce water consumption and alleviate pressure on over-exploited water resources in local areas. At the same time, stormwater reuse will reduce the negative impact of intense weather events.
The specific investment planned by the City of Torino is aimed at the introduction of a green roof technology to create an outdoor roof garden with aeroponic cultivation.

Practical steps

The City of Torino implements the following actions:

  • activation of a working group aimed at analyzing the local situation about water management;
  • definition of a strategy based on the principles of circular economy, in collaboration with local stakeholders and the Italian technical partner Poliedra – Service and consulting center of the Politecnico di Milano on environmental and territorial planning;
  • identification of best practices with particular reference to the implementation of “NBS – nature based solutions”;
  • design and building of a green terrace and an aeroponic greenhouse at Open011 (House of Youth Mobility and Interculture) in Corso Venezia 11
  • communication and dissemination activities.


  • Total budget of the project: € 2.418.393,20
  • Comune di Torino budget: € 270.391,60 (funded 100% by European Union)
  • 11 Partners
  • 6 Countries
  • 5 Pilot projects
  • 6 Innovative urban strategies

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