Integrated, United, Protagonists

The project, funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), was aimed at stimulating reflection on the good practices of inclusion and welcoming of Third Country nationals and minors through transnational confrontation and exchanges. The goal was to develop and increase the network of institutional and social actors which share tools, methods and procedures to assess the skills of young people coming from Third Countries. In particular, YOUNG IN&UP focused on schools, aiming at a better integration of youngsters coming from Third Countries – thus at a lower school drop-out rate – and a higher involvement of their families.

European partners

Fondazione Piazza dei Mestieri (IT – Lead partner), Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo (IT), Immaginazione e Lavoro (IT), CNR-IRCRES (IT), Istituto Psicoanalitico per le Ricerche Sociali (IT), City of Chambéry (FR), City of Liège (BE), Agrupamento de Escolas José Saramago di Palmela (PT), CJD Nord Hamburg (DE).

Project in Torino

The cooperation between the local partners of the project allowed the identification of a group on 69 Third Country students, who experimented the integration approach promoted by YOUNG IN&UP and based on dedicated school labs. The purpose of the labs is not only to improve the educational and linguistic skills, but also to work on soft-skills and to encourage a higher involvement of families in school life. The effectiveness of the methodology is assessed through a control group and the first analysis shows positive results on both school achievements and transversal skills, as well as a significant improvement in behavioural aspects.

Practical steps

The Fondazione Piazza dei Mestieri, in cooperation with the local partners, involved lower secondary schools in experimenting the YOUNG IN&UP approach by means of different activities and labs:

  • 230 hours in school-work alternation lab
  • 80 hours of language consolidation for students with linguistic difficulties
  • artistic-expressive lab
  • multifamily networks
  • OSARE workshop (to observe, to wonder, to listen to, to receive, to experiment)

Despite the restrictions due to the Covid-19 emergency outbreak and the introduction of eLearning, most of the scheduled activities were carried out successfully by the teachers and students involved. The international partnership carried out experiential weeks and study visits to foreign associates, in order to share different models of intervention and take part in training activities for school operators and teachers.


  • 4 foreign associate partners
  • € 12.196,00 of EU contribution to the City of Torino
  • 12 lower secondary schools involved in Torino
  • 69 Third Countries students involved
  • 109 foreign and Italian school operators and teachers involved

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EU contribution to the City of Torino


Foreign associate partners


Teachers and operators, Italian and foreign involved