Community-based urban security in the Dora river area

ToNite is European project on urban inclusion to improve safety perception during the night-time in the Dora river area.
Funded in the framework of the fourth call of the UIA programme (Urban Innovative Actions) about Urban Security, the ToNite project aims at developing multidisciplinary solutions to manage public spaces and improving the safety perception of residents at nighttime.
This project is carried out with an inclusive approach, involving local community and stakeholders, fostering social innovation and urban regeneration to promote urban security.
ToNite will be running for three years focusing on the areas surrounding the Dora river. The project will develop research, analysis, participatory activities and co-design actions with the objective of defining interventions on public spaces in a collaborative way. ToNite will offer technical and financial support to activate new services with a social impact and a particular focus on evening and night-time.

European partners

The City of Torino is leading the partnership composed by Torino Wireless Foundation (IT), Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (IT), Experientia (IT), SocialFare (IT), European Forum For Urban Security (FR), Espereal Technologies (IT), ANCI (IT).

Practical steps

The project includes six main activities:

  • Ethnographic and social research activities in the target neighbourhoods, engaging local stakeholders to analyse the safety perception of the residents
  • Engagement and empowerment of local community and stakeholders
  • Development of a digital platform to analyse and complement complete data about urban insecurity
  • Actions of urban regeneration in the areas targeted by the project
  • Opening new local services able to generate social impact, in particular in the evening and night-time, through financial and technical support
  • Impact assessment of project actions carried out in the neighborhoods focused by ToNite

Public call for new projects and services at local level
On 15 December 2020, the call was launched which allocates a total of one million euros for the development of projects and services capable of generating social impact involving local communities, with the ultimate goal of improving the perception of safety and liveability of public spaces in the intervention areas, with a particular focus on evening and night-time.


  • More than 4,5 million euros: total ERDF budget granted
  • € 235.843,50: City of Torino total budget
  • 1,5 million euros will be used for actions of urban regeneration along the Dora river
  • 1 million euros will be spent to promote the implementation of new services aimed at improving liveability of public spaces and social cohesion at night/evening time

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EU contribution to the City of Torino


€ for physical interventions on the Lungo Dora


€ intended to support the activation of projects and services on the territory