Model of community governance in urban regeneration based on the Torino experience

The objective of the project was the development of the socio-economic function of the City of Grajewo through the elaboration, experimentation and implementation of the innovative program of participatory management between the public sector and social partners of urban regeneration processes and social services, in collaboration with the City of Torino. In order to define the intervention strategies, it was necessary to analyze the experiences of the Neighborhood Housing Network developed in Torino, with particular attention both at the system level (strategic planning/vertical and horizontal coordination) and at the single cases, comparable and partly replicable in the Polish local reality.
The elaborated solutions have been implemented by the City of Grajewo through a governance model of urban regeneration processes (following the example of Torino’s good practices) and through the elaboration of mechanisms of direct democracy and civil society involvement that have contributed to activate the part of the city undergoing regeneration. The model had a multi-sectoral structure in which the coordinating entity of the processes is the public sector, while social economy actors and inhabitants were actively involved both in the regeneration processes and in the specific activities provided by the Urban Regeneration Plan 2017-2027 (PRU).

European partners

City of Grajewo (PL), City of Torino.

Project in Torino

The role of the City of Torino was mainly focused on 3 work packages:
1) support in the organization of the study tour of the Polish delegation composed by 16 participants for the study of good practices developed by the City of Torino
2) visit of two experts of the City of Torino to Grajewo in order to evaluate the current situation and to be able to propose suggestions and solutions calibrated on the specific reality
3) remote support of the experts of the City of Torino that through teleconferences, e-mail and skype have supported the Polish partners in the planning of the urban regeneration of the City of Grajewo.

Practical steps

The learning and exchange of practices was done through different activities:
Each member visited each other to see how policy initiatives are implemented, and to learn about good practices through brief presentations, site visits and peer-to-peer discussions.
Staff exchanges: The exchange in the more experienced mentoring city aimed to generate ideas and look into the mechanics of different policies.
Work on a plan for regeneration policies based on the experience of the Case del Quartiere
Developing an action plan for the City of Grajewo, with the endorsement of their public administration and involving relevant local stakeholders, and implementing new policies on the ground.


  • 2 Cities
  • 25 actors involved in the project at local level

EU contribution to the City of Torino


Actors involved in the project at local level